"Family Life Development Foundation"

Pastor Jonah (Younan) Shiba:

Pastor Jonah Shiba was born and raised in Iraq. He received Christ as his Savior in 1990 while in the Iraqi army. In 1994, he married his wife, Layla, and together they have two daughters, Joy and Grace. Pastor Shiba received his theological training at the Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary, (JETS), and was ordained through the Assyrian Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Baghdad in 2003. He is currently a member of the Chicago (IL) Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Pastor Shiba’s early ministries began in Jordan, where he led the Iraqi Refugee Church. While leading the church he planted six churches. Also during this time, he began an organization focused on Community Development. In 2003, he and his family were forced to leave Jordan to Syria. During their short time there they planted a church for Iraqi refugees in Damascus. After a month and a half he was called back to Iraq. While in Iraq, Rev. Shiba was ordained and went on to become the president for all the Evangelical Presbyterian Churches in that country. He also became the local Director for “Salt” a part of Open Doors Ministry. After receiving death threats four times in three years, they were forced to flee (2005), first to Northern Iraq, then Damascus, Syria, and finally to Skokie, IL, their current residence. He and his wife established the “Family Life Development Foundation”, (FLDF), and through which they minister to over 120,000 Assyrians through a two-hour radio ministry every Saturday evening. They also host a worldwide satellite TV ministry that reaches thousands more. As a result of these endeavors, Pastor Shiba has twice been honored by the PC(USA) as an International Peacemaker for his role as a representative for Iraqis in Diaspora. Pastor Shiba also travels to the Middle East and Europe to encourage refugees as well as pastors and congregations who have reached out to support the newcomers in their countries. Pastor Shiba served as a parish associate and Director of Assyrian Mission at Carter-Westminster PC-USA in Skokie, IL. He currently is a parish associate at First Presbyterian Church (USA), Evanston, IL. Pastor Shiba is also an artist. He has participated in several exhibitions, and has a permanent one in a Milwaukee gallery. His art work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and graphic design.