"Family Life Development Foundation"

  Colors of Faith:

Colors of Faith is a ministry to help equip those who feel called by God to use their gift of visual arts to magnify the presence of God’s Kingdom in the Church, and as a Christian witness in the world. Within the Church, the visual arts can help believers to deepen their faith, worship, personal devotion and prayer. Outside of the walls of the Church, the visual arts can also act as salt, light and leaven to help build a bridge to the unbelieving world.

God has given Pastor Shiba a gift of art which he has used to communicate to people in the Church and in the world. Because of his passion for visual arts, he desires to help other artists in the Christian community to develop their gifts of art so they can flourish in their holy vocation. Through Colors of Faith, FLDF will use its expertise and resources to offer art exhibitions and classes that demonstrate works of art inspired by Scripture and by Pastor Shiba’s own faith journey.